Repairing Your Home's Malfunctioning Garage Door System

Posted on: 22 November 2022

A homeowner will need to be fairly informed about the full range of different systems that may be required for their home. The garage door and its opener can be components that may be used multiple times of day, but homeowners may not always be informed about the particular problems that they could suffer.

Mechanical Issues Are Not The Only Problems Your Garage Door Could Suffer

Mechanical issues can be some of the more serious problems that could impact your garage door system. However, these are not the only issues that could have major impacts on the performance of the garage door. For example, it is also possible for a number of electrical issues to develop. One common example of this could be a loose power connection, which could cause the opener to fail when it is in operation. The sensors that ensure the path under the garage door is clear could also suffer failures that may impact the system.

A Garage Door That Is Out Of Balance Can Suffer Significant Damage In The Future

Balance issues with the garage door can be another common source of problems for these systems. When the garage door is out of balance, the weight of it will not be spread uniformly across the railing that is guiding it. This could lead to the railing suffering major failures or extensive damage as a result of the pressure that is being placed on it. Depending on the severity of the balance issues, it may also have impacts on the motor for the opener. Any homeowners that is noticing one side of their garage door being slightly lower than the other when it is in use should hire a repair service to balance the door and assess the railing for signs of damage.

Too Little Lubrication Can Cause Severe Damage To A Garage Door

The garage door opener will experience considerable friction when it is being used. To combat this, the moving parts of the opener will have to be fully lubricated. Sadly, this lubrication can degrade over time, which may leave the garage door system vulnerable to damage. Once extensive friction damage has occurred to the opener, replacing the entire unit may be the most affordable and reliable repair solution. Grinding and squealing sounds when the system is opening or closing can be two of the most common warning signs that there may be insufficient lubrication in the garage door opener's moving parts.

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