3 Signs That You Need A New Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 2 March 2022

The garage door opener offers you an effortless way to raise and lower your garage door. It comes with an array of safety features, and when you press the remote, you initiate the signal that either closes or opens the unit. However, when a problem arises in any part of the unit, the opener will exhibit signs of malfunction that could compromise your security and safety. Here are three signs that you need a new opener. 

When the Door Doesn't Work at all Times 

If your opener is failing from time to time, something is crucially wrong. In most cases, opener malfunction results from frayed wiring. That is because damaged wiring interferes with the transmission of the signal from the opener, causing it to delay opening or closing the door.

A door that works intermittently can be a safety hazard in the home because it might open or shut when you least expect it, hurting anyone in its way. Therefore, it is important to call a repair technician instantly when the opener starts behaving this way as it signals serious underlying issues. 

You Cannot Open or Close the Roll-Up Door

The door's inability to open or close is the first indicator that all is not well with the opener. This problem can result from a minor issue like dying batteries. In this case, you should replace the batteries to restore the opener's functionality. But if this fails, check whether the door and opener are detached. Unfortunately, the door is pretty complex, and getting to the bottom of the issue can be a little troublesome for you. So call a technician to examine the issue instead of handling it yourself. 

The Door Reverses after Opening

Another indicator that it is time to check the condition of your opener is when the door reverses immediately you open it. The most probable cause for this behavior is a blockage on the photo-eye sensor. Besides, you need to check whether something is obstructing the door's path. If all seems okay, then call your repair technician for further diagnosis. First, they will troubleshoot the unit and determine the cause of the dysfunction in the opener. Then, they will offer a solution.

These are some of the indicators that your garage door opener needs professional repair. Therefore, it is advisable to call the technician immediately after noticing unusual behavior. The expert will resolve the problem quickly so you can acquire a safe, efficient, and functional garage door once again.