The Benefits of Garage Door Repair

Posted on: 22 July 2021

To repair or replace? If you're not sure which option is the right way to go, take a look at the benefits of garage door repair services.

Repairs Can Save You Money

New garage doors are available at a variety of price points. Even though it's possible to find a replacement door on a budget, the overall cost (including the installation service) may cost more than a repair. If you're caught between a repair and replacement, and finances are a priority, consider:

The problem with your garage door.

Issues such as a bent track, broken spring, worn cable, or rusted hinge don't necessarily warrant a full door replacement. Instead, these problems require immediate repair.

The age of the door.

The average garage door lifespan is between 20 and 25 years. If your door is new and doesn't have serious damage, a repair may save you money.

The number of repairs.

Do you need to list the garage door contractor as a top contact in your phone? Constant breakdowns or repairs that don't completely stop the problem are red flags that signal the need for a replacement.

Before you spend on an unnecessary replacement, discuss the repair options with a qualified contractor. A garage door professional can provide you with estimates for both repairs and a replacement.

Repairs Can Save You Time

A malfunction can make it impossible for you to use your garage. This can leave you without a place to put your car, or if the door won't close/is stuck in the "up" position, can reduce home security.

If the contractor feels a repair is possible, you can save time in a few different ways. These include:

  • Same-day service. Some contractors offer same-day repair services. If your garage door breaks after breakfast, they may have the ability to completely repair it before lunchtime.
  • Eliminate the wait for products. While some homeowners can find a stock door that's available immediately, this isn't always possible. If your preferred door is on backorder or needs to ship from out of state, you may sacrifice time unnecessarily. These aren't issues that happen when you select a repair over a replacement.
  • Less service time. An installation typically takes longer than a single repair—provided the problem isn't extremely complicated to diagnose and fix.

Some repairs (such as security and safety issues) require immediate attention. Ask the contractor about emergency service hours for a quicker fix. 

To learn more about garage door repair, contact a company near you.