3 Reasons Your Garage Opener May Not Work

Posted on: 28 October 2020

The thought of your garage system needing repairs is likely not a welcoming thought. However, many homeowners will likely face the issue, especially if they are not astute when it comes to getting preventive garage door services performed. Inspecting the garage door system aids in identifying parts that are worn and need to be replaced. Other routine maintenance services such as lubricating parts may also be performed during servicing.

You likely rely heavily upon your garage door opener, which is a critical part of the garage door system. The convenience of having a working garage opener becomes obvious when the garage door system requires manual opening due to repair issues. Despite the best approaches to care, you might end up needing a garage door opener system repair. The following points identify some potential reasons your system may malfunction. 

Safety Sensors

Modern garage door openers have safety features. These features can protect you against bodily injury due to faulty doors, and it can also protect you against property damages from doors not operating properly. Manufacturers design garage door opener systems with safety features that are designed to protect the garage door system. Overheated motors can cause door opener damages, and if your door opener gets too hot, it may temporarily stop working. Be mindful of hot weather, because it can make overheating motors get hotter and abruptly stop working. 

Broken Components

Garage door systems are designed to last a long time. This can create a sense of security for homeowners who assume that they will not have repair issues for many years. However, lack of maintenance means that parts may become damaged before homeowners realize that they have an issue. By the time they encounter a garage door opener system repair, it is something that cannot be delayed any further. 

Lack of Back-up Power Source

If your garage system is equipped with a back-up battery supply,  your system should work even if you lose power. However, it is possible for you to need a replacement battery at some point. You may also want to consider whether getting a back-up battery solution added to your existing system is ideal to ensure that you do not encounter an issue where power loss interferes with easy access to your garage.

A garage door service provider is an ideal resource to use for troubleshooting issues. They can confirm whether you are having a garage door opener issue or another problem that is causing the opener not to function. For more information about garage door opener system repair, contact a local repair professional.