Roll-Up Or Sectional Garage Door? Four Factors To Consider When Buying

Posted on: 14 August 2020

If your house has a front-facing garage, the garage door is the first thing people see when they approach your property. Therefore, it pays off to put some thought into the design you want for the door. There are two popular options: roll-up and sectional doors. Roll-up doors are made of steel slat sections that roll up and down along a track. Sectional doors comprise panel sections that slide up and sit parallel to the ceiling.

Both doors utilize the overhead space in the garage; however, they differ in various ways. Therefore, as you buy, here are a few questions to help you choose the most appropriate design.

How Much Ceiling Space Do You Have?

Sectional doors consume most of the ceiling space in your garage. When the door is entirely open, it sits parallel with the ceiling. On the other hand, a roll-up doors coil up in a roll at the top of the garage. They do not occupy much ceiling space. Thus, when choosing a design, determine how much free space you have. Would you like to utilize the ceiling for storage? If so, a roll-up door would be ideal. However, if you don't have much use for the space, you can get a sectional garage door.

Do You Require Additional Features?

Would you like any custom features for your garage door? Perhaps some window inserts? Sectional doors are easy to customise, and you can install windows to allow natural light into the garage when the door is closed. This is because they lift and fold back into the frame. On the other hand, since roll-up doors coil up, it is not possible to install additional hardware or windows. Thus, you have to be content with the simple, standard designs available on the market.

What's Your Garage Door Budget?

Sectional doors usually cost less upfront as compared to roll-up doors. However, numerous factors can impact the overall cost. For example, a higher quality of steel will cost more than the standard gauges. Also, any customisations made to a sectional door will impact the total cost. Therefore, to have a clear view of the projected cost, it's crucial to compare the final price of both designs, including customisations and labor.

How Much Time and Money Will You Spend on Maintenance?

While sectional doors are more affordable at the start, they tend to be more demanding when it comes to maintenance. The door has multiple panels which much be individually cleaned and lubricated to keep off corrosion. Also, unlike with roll-up doors, the cables and springs of sectional doors are usually left exposed. As a result, they need extra care to prevent rust. On the other hand, roll-up doors are relatively easy to maintain.

Both sectional and roll-up garage doors have appealing designs. The above questions should help you make an informed choice between the two styles!