Three Most Common Questions About Garage Repair

Posted on: 25 June 2020

Garage doors can be a tricky beast. When working correctly, they go up and down and are little cause for concern. When they stop working though, it can be a complete mystery as to what happened and how to fix it. Garage door companies field all sorts of questions every day about garage door repair; here are some of the most common.

1. How Much Will It Cost?

First, a huge disclaimer. There is no one standard for what every type of garage door services will cost. Every company charges their own fees for parts and labor, and every job is different in terms of complexity. That being said, it's reasonable to expect to have some kind of estimate as to what it'll cost. On average, a garage door repair will cost anywhere between $125-290. That price will include parts and labor, but you should expect to spend a minimum of $80, and usually no more than $800. If the price tag starts approaching the $1000 mark, you should consider doing a full garage door replacement.

2. How Long Will a Garage Door Replacement Take?

If done by yourself, replacing your garage door opener will take usually half a day or longer depending on the complexity of the installation and your own experience. That time can increase if you have to take an old unit down before you install the new unit. However, if you're planning on replacing the door itself, you should definitely hire it out to a professional. And before you consider replacing the door, check to see if you can do any kind of garage door repairs to fix the issue first. Most companies will have their basic garage door services listed on their website, and can help you make the best decision for your home.

3. Why is My Garage Door Not Closing?

Every garage door has a variety of components that make it go up or down, but the most common reason a door doesn't close is there is something obstructing the safety sensors at the bottom of the door. Check to see if there is any debris in front of the photo sensors. It may be as small as a leaf or piece of grass floating in its path. If so, clear the debris and it should close. If it still doesn't close, check to make sure the limit switch is calibrated correctly and is making it stop at the appropriate height.

For more information about garage door repair, contact a garage door contractor in your area.