Did Your Garage Door Spring Snap? Common Questions About Replacing It

Posted on: 27 April 2020

With the amount that you use your garage door every day, it should be no surprise to you when it finally breaks down. The weight of lifting and closing the door can put a lot of stress on the extension springs, resulting in them unexpectedly snapping. Here are some questions you may have about replacing the springs when they break.

Is The Loud Noise Normal?

When the garage door extension spring snaps, it will likely result in a very loud sound. This is due to the spring breaking and snapping back to its neutral position. If you're in the garage at the time, it may sound so loud that you think it's your car backfiring. As scary as it may seem, know that the sound is completely normal and expected to happen if the garage door spring snaps. 

What Is The Cable Running Through The Spring? 

There should be a cable that goes through the spring and holds it up in the air. This is the safety cable designed to help contain the spring when it breaks. It will help ensure that the spring does not hit anybody in the garage or damage your vehicle when it snaps since the spring won't come off the cable. Without that safety cable, a broken spring can be quite dangerous due to the amount of pressure that is put on the spring for it to work properly.

What Does The Color Of The Spring Mean?

Garage door springs will have a color on them, which helps tell you what kind of spring it is without you having to do a lot of research. There are 10 different colors used to categorize extension springs. They help identify the amount of weight that the spring can hold in ranges of 100 lbs. For example, a tan extension spring is rated for either 100, 200, or 300 lbs. This can help you relay the information to a garage door repair specialist so that they can bring the right kind of extension spring with them to make the repair. 

Can You Repair A Broken Extension Spring On Your Own? 

While it may be possible to do this garage door repair on your own, it is definitely something you'll want to avoid if possible. A lot of pressure needs to be put on an extension spring to replace it, and there is the risk of it snapping back and injuring you if you do not know what you are doing. This is one job you likely want to leave to the professionals because of that risk of injury. 

To learn more, contact a garage door repair company.